[Maya] Saving Panel Layout for Multiple Monitors

Hi there,

First, apologies if this is a total noob/duplicate question.

I work in a lot of different files and like to have many panels open across multiple monitors so that I can view all the information I need quickly. What would be great is if I could just save a sweet layout and then crack open files all day without constantly re-adjusting panels all over the place.

I have tried [Maya 2014 (SP4 x64)]:
[li]Window->Save Current Layout… - Only seems to affect the layout of panels anchored in the main window.
[/li][li]Using windowPref command - File is saved but read has no effect. Should this be doing what I want?

windowPref -sms test01
windowPref -rms test01

[li]Last resort is set Preferences->UI Elements: Keep current layout/don’t restore from file. Then setup panels every time I boot Maya but that really sucks. :frowning:

Am I missing something? Surely it must be pretty common to want this workflow right?!? Any insight would be greatly appreciated!



Why not just disable the ‘Restore saved layouts from file’ option in the Preferences (Interface->UI ELements->Panel Configuration->When Opening)?
That way Maya ignores any panel layouts saved in file and keep the current layout when opening a file.

Oh never saw this comment… There was a bug which was preventing that option from working at the time.

Long overdue reply but just to update, many Maya multi-monitor bugs have been resolved in releases from the past few years. :grin:

Did a quick test in Maya 2020.3, panel state seems to correctly save or not in files based on the option selected in Preferences->UI Elements->Panel Configurations. Any non-main windows will stay where they are between file opens but the panel selected within them will save/load from the file.