Maya reference sync pop-up

When loading a file that contains a reference, I’ve noticed that sometimes a pop-up window will appear saying the referenced file is out of sync and it asks me if I would like to sync.

Even though the message is simple I haven’t been able to find out why the pop-up occurs. I use version control so after syncing and saving I would expect the file to be edited, but nothing shows. What’s confusing is that after I do this I no longer get a pop-up, even if I didn’t save.

So it makes me think its something to do with Maya, rather than the file. Has anyone else looked at this issue? Maybe I’m missing something…


Most likely a maya reference is using an externam maya file and that file is not the latest version on your machine. When you sync, the external file gets updated but the file you’re opening stays the same. Then when you reopen the file the external maya reference is up to date and all is good.