[Maya] Real Time Python Node?


Is there a real time python node in Maya? I was thinking of like the Mash Python Node but applicable in general.

There is a node like in C4D where I can concrete custom inputs and outputs and I can easily create stacks of if/else node network with just a few line of codes.

In Houdini, there is also a python node.

Is there an equivalent in Maya?

Hi bentraje!

The only thing I know of is the pyExpression node (Search for “pyExpression” on this website) from SOuP. SOuP is not free anymore but I know that the pyExpression node is a separate plugin from the general soup plugin. You might be lucky and can use it for free.


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Hi @Fasbue

Thanks for the confirmation. Unfortunately, I am unable to use a third party plug-in on this one (free or not) but yeah it seems like the pyExpression node is the way to go.

The way you do it in Maya is by extending MPxNode class. I wouldn’t call it the easiest out there, but it’s doable and works fine. You just need to get used to reading C++ docs and translate it to python.