Maya - Querying which textScrollList a selected item is in


I have multiple textScrollLists in my UI in Maya, when I select an item from one of the textScrollLists how would I go about querying which textScrollList the selected item resides in so that I can then query which item is selected.


I’m just spitballing, but I believe due to the limitations in how Maya’s UI declared, you’ll probably need to create a specific function for each of your textScrollList instances, and use that to inform which one was just poked.

Thanks for the reply, I got a working solution in the end using the functools.partial. This allowed me to pass through the name of the control along with the command as I was using the selectCommand on the textScrollList.

I was able to use this then to query the selected item in the textScrollList that the selected item resides.

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Also a totally valid solution!