Maya Python: Query if any Object is in a Component Selection Mode?




With Maya python, with no components selected:

How can I query if any object is in component selection mode? (component mask)

Meaning any object is in (cv/vert/face/edge/multi) aka component select mode?

No components are selected, I just want to query if a particular ‘selection mask’ is enabled, without querying the selection mask marking menu function directly?

Hope that was clear.

Much thanks,

There are some cases where if cmds.selectMode is not called directly, then:
print(mc.selectMode( q = True, co = True))
will return False, even though clearly in the picture below, it should return True,

Even if I drop Object Mode cubes, it will return false:

** So is there a better way to query/evaluate if a component selection mode is active in the viewport??**