Maya: problem with copying image plane attributes

Hi. I’ve been doing a bunch of photogrammetry lately and usually I don’t care about using the aligned cameras because I just take the model into Zbrush for polish.
But now I have this model that needs more work and since the cameras line up well I thought about blocking it out in Maya using these image planes. It exports and imports fine, but I want an animated camera that simply allows me to drag the timeslider. This becuase it’s faster to move in the space back and forth, but also becuase the other camera’s image planes is not in the way(one camera, one image plane with animated texture).

I created a scirpt that positions and keys a camera to every exported camera, then it creates an image plane and copies each exported camera’s attributes, and then keys those so in the end I would end up with an animated camera that for each frame is a complete copy of the exported camera and at each frame, a new image is shown. It all seems to look fine, but the problem as it turns out, is that even though the attributes seems to be copied over correctly, the image plane is not of the same dimension(squashes and stretches) as the exported cameras. So the final result looks really wonky. I’m not exactly sure where the problem is. I’ve been looking for hidden or locked attributes without finding anything that would help. One confusing thing is though that some attributes are greyed out and can’t be manipulated. Nothing happens when I unlock them in the Channel Control editor either. They are still greyed out.

I’m sure as it is an fbx-file there might be a problem translating it to a Maya camera, but I should think there should be a way to match it up based on its attributes.

Any ideas, tips or tricks are as always greatly appreciated.

TLDR: I can’t match up an exported camera’s image plane from Reality Capture to a camera and imageplane created in Maya. Anyone have a solution?