[Maya] Pinning points for Quad Draw/Retopology?


In Maya UV layout, there is a pinning option for UVs where whatever operation you perform (smooth, unfold, etc), it will stay as is.

I was looking for the same functionality but in Maya default layout (persepctive). I want to pin some points and smooth (through quad draw) the surrounding points.

Currently, I’m doing it manually in quad draw(i.e. just smoothing per point) but I want to smooth the whole area for efficiency.

Is this possible?

P.S. I understand I can also script it where I store the selected position points. Smooth it. Then reapply the position back to points. It works but the problem is I need the pinned points to be a factor in smoothing the surrounding areas :frowning:

What about using the sculpting tools?
Freeze and flood with smooth.

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Ah gotcha. This could work. Thanks!