Maya / Nothing happens with mirror deformer weights

Hey guys, sorry for a simple question like i believe it is, but, does anyone know how to properly use the Maya mirror deformer weights? i’m trying to mirror weighs from a wire deformer, but didn’t figured it out, i saw some places saying to select half of the vertex and try, and nothing happens, the weights still the same, any idea what could be happening? I already checked the sides, tried to invert, tried using the python command and nothing happens :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Do you have Echo All on in your Script Editor? Are you getting any errors?

Yes i do, don’t return any error, just don’t mirror my weights, i saw a video from Nico Sanghrajka and he said the same happened to him, he never figured out how to use this tool, loool

the wire curve pivot might be at 000, you will need to have the pivot for the wire not on the center line for it to mirror.

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Thank you! it really was because my mesh wasn’t in the middle, i moved it to the side and the maya can’t find the plane to mirror correctly