Maya HUD text size

hey, does anyone know how to hack Maya’s HUD text size? even set the font to large, it is still very tiny on the screen, I search at the of place, I can’t believe there is nothing I can do. Just like to make for example camera name more visible.

I just went down this road :slight_smile: unfortunately there wasnt a lot to do there. cmds.headsUpDisplay didnt seem to respond to using large text, but maybe i was doing it wrong :man_shrugging:

So, shot in the dark …
When I did some work with the node editor, I was able to find the QAbstractItemModel of a given node, which let me read what plugs were currently being shown in the editor, and in which order. My work isn’t directly applicable, but the technique might be.

Maybe you could crawl through the Qt hierarchy to see if you can access the widget text? You’ll probably have to do a lot of ugly introspection, probably some manual shiboken recasting to subclasses, and you may even have to read the Qt source code, but you might be able to find it.

I think the problem here is that the HUD isn’t part of Qt at all, i believe its lower level and called by the renderer

thanks, everyone, I can’t believe it’s much much harder than I thought,
and no one complains about the size? as our monitor resolution getting bigger and bigger now,
it’s going to be so difficult to read one day.
I think I may also check out the annotation node, I saw someone create a plugin and work well, at the end of the day what I really want is to display a line or word of text (with attribute data attach to it) on the screen with big size.
again there isn’t too much document or example for annotation as well. I still can’t find a way to change the annotation size.

What about Windows > Settings/Preferences > Preferences > Interface > Interface Scaling?

it will change everything, it will mess up everything else,
for Dispaly>Font>Custom Font Size, this is the area really change the size in HUD.
it only goes up to 16, even I use command force to set it more than 16.
there must be a slide max value cap to 16, unless I know the name of slider in the UI,
I can not change it.