[Maya] How to perform this "calculation" with the least amount of nodes?


I’m trying to perform this calculation:

diff_X = objA.tx - objB.tx
diff_Y = objA.ty - objB.ty
diff_Z = objA.tz - objB.tz

result =  sqrt (  (diff_X*diff_X) + (diff_Y*diff_Y) + (diff_Z*diff_Z) 

I was able to recreate it in the node editor but its a bit verbose and certainly susceptible to input error
Is there a way to optimize this?

P.S. You can ignore the matrix nodes. I was just trying to get the world positions.

Looks like you’re trying to find the distance between two nodes.
Luckily, there’s a distanceBetween node that encapsulates that whole equation into one node!

Even better, it has 2 matrix inputs that multiply the 2 point inputs… So if you don’t plug in any points to the point inputs, you can get the distance between two matrices without using decomposeMatrix nodes!



What sorcery is this! It works as expected and the result is the same number as computed in nodes above.