[Maya] Getting the data for Target Mask of a blend shape

I’m trying to get the information of a stored mask for a blend shape. I’m having a heck of a time finding this info. The closest I’ve gotten is a color set called SculptMaskColorTemp, but it has garbage info it seems. The goal is to store the data so we can reapply later. This is the first time I work with Maya’s blend shapes and the experience is becoming tedious… any advice would be appreciated.

You can use the deformerWeights command to save and load all of them to xml.
You might try something like this to get all weights for one target at once through script:
weightsList=cmds.getAttr(’{0}.inputTarget[0].inputTargetGroup[{1}].targetWeights[0:{2}]’.format(blendShapeName, bsTargetIndex, geoVertCount))
print weightsList
Hope that helps,

Thanks Eko, exactly what I was looking for!