[Maya] Fixing Human-IK non-zero controls?


Is there a way to zero out controls in Human IK?

Currently, they are random values, probably from world coordinate.
I tried the following but to no avail:

Freezing the “controls”
Adding an offset-group
Constraint the “HIK controls” to a separate control.

I also found this thread with no clear solution:

I understand that there is a “Stance Pose” function to zero out the Human IK to T-Pose, but I would very much prefer if the controllers themselves are in zero state.

Is there a way around this?

Thank you for looking at my problem.

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Hey, so I’m having the exact same issue where I work, people want to use the human IK, but don’t really acknowledge/care about the fact that the controllers aren’t zeroed out, one guy is trying to just parent the controllers to curves that have been snapped into place and zeroed out, but I don’t think this is a good solution, but it might be a cheap and easy way to get around it for the time being, maybe.

Anyway, hopefully you can come up with a solution that can help us all out.

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I tried doing this. But when I move the curves (made by me), the controllers (made by HIK) doesn’t move. I’m not really sure why. Did you work mate modify anything else?