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Hi, I recently finished a rig that I made in Maya 2022, and was going to give it to a friend to use but I found out that they were running Maya 2019, upon opening it in 2019 they received these messages.

Screenshot 2021-12-13 221602

Screenshot 2021-12-13 230807

After clicking ok and proceed, the file opens up but the skinning on the character is broken and you cannot edit it or go into paint wights. I was wondering what these error messages were and if there is a way around fixing this problem, If not that is fine I will just do the skinning again. however, it would be nice to know just for future projects Thansk.

That color profile error is not related to skinning. But you might need to set your color profiles again when you go to render.

The skinning being broken will be related to something else.

Perhaps you used a skinning/deformation feature that is new to Maya 2020/2022? Or are you using a skinning plugin like ngSkinTools? Or perhaps there is some other construction or deformation history in the geometry?

When I was making the rig I was going to use pose space deformers to do correctives but Maya was crashing whenever I moved joins so I used parallel blend shapes as an alternative. I did instal ngSkinTools but I only tried it for a bit and opted to not use it in the end, because I did not know how could that have messed things up. I can also upload the file if need but I have figured out that I can just export skin wights over to 2019 and would need to only redo the correctives.


If the correctives are just blendshapes, you might be able to export them with the Shape Editor too, and then import them in 2019.

It’s just a bit finicky. The names of the geo have to perfectly match. And it might give you other errors about things needing to match. But once you make it match, it should work.

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I tried that but I was getting errors but thankfully I Saved a copy of all the blend shapes geometry out into a scene and was able to reimport them back into 2019 and create the Correctives again Just need to set up the set driven keys for them. Just a quick question related to corrective shape. I was thought at university to use pose space deformers to create them. However, I have noticed that there is a lot of problems that come with them. So I was wondering if there is a better way of doing them if you can direct me to it so I can research. Also thanks for the help with my problem.

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