Maya.cmds stringify behavior change?



So, I’m testing some new namespace management code. It works fine on my work machine (2016) but in my home install, which is a 2019 beta, it explodes into an infinite regress.

I think it’s because somebody at ADSK has started checking for isinstance(obj, str) when running command instead of just calling str() on command arguments.

Has anybody else seen this behavior where a class that imitates a string is no longer an acceptable argument to cmds? Or is this just a beta hiccup?


shit that sounds like something we need to debug, I’ll jump on that now and see if we hit the same thing in 2019 anywhere for ProPack, must admit so far we’ve not had many issues in 2019


Appears to be working in 2018.
So hopefully this is just a beta bug. Otherwise this is probably going to break some codez.