Maya Charm - Maya PyCharm connection



@Nightshade Where did you download it from? Through the plugin manager of PyCharm?


File > Settings > Plugins > Browse repositories…


got any more Info, Operating System and exact PyCharm version, if you are using Pro when you Add a run configuration there should be options for but the Runner and the Debugger.


Windows 8.1 x64
PyCharm 2017.1 Professional (2017.1.3)

I’m gonna have a look at my setup @ work tomorrow where I got everything working. I believe I have the same version there, but the OS is Windows 10 Pro. It’s probably just some silly thing.


Ok so I checked with my setup at work and these are the differences I found:
Under package settings for the project interpreter, the only listed packages are pip and setuptools - at work I also have some git-packages, smmap2 and pycharm (version: debug). I did a manual search and that pycharm package didn’t show up.

Under the Python interpreter settings, I had forgotten to add the pycharm-debug.egg. However doing so did not result in any change. Other than the debug-egg, the setups are identical.

I also tried switching to another interpreter (in case that has anything to do with this - I guess not) from the Maya 2019 one (Autodesk beta program) to the Maya 2017 mayapy.exe - but the pycharm package does still not appear.

The only available debugging is the ordinary “Python Remote Debug” - and there is also several debug packages listed under the package settings (example: django-pycharm-debug-middleware).