[Maya] Animating Rag as if a Rat is moving under or Cheek Chewing (Without using a Collision)



Is there a way to animate a rag as if a rat is moving under or a cheek chewing?
You can see what I am after here: reference video

It’s in C4D but wondering if there is a Maya equivalent.

Of course, the collision method is more accurate but it’s just a bit heavy to calculate.

Thank you for looking at the problem.


I wrote some ideas about this.

Soft mods and lattices let you slide a deformer space across geo, or geo through a deformer space. Same with non-linear deformers like sine and wave.

You might want to use a lattice, since you can model the shape more precisely, or deform it, so it looks like the lump is moving.


Here is a quick example. I put 1 bulge blendshape on a lattice.
Then 3 more random noise blendshapes, which are animated randomly. Or rig a few controls.

Then move that lattice along your geo. You have to move the lattice and baseLattice at the same time, otherwise, it will move the geometry, instead of sliding.




The soft mod and the (make shift) lattice deformer seems like a good approach. Thanks for the suggestion.

Have a great day ahead!