Maya 2023 and pythonnet

If you install pythonnet using pip in your Maya codebase like us it will fail in Maya 2023. The problem is Maya 2023 has been updated to Python 3.9.7 (shinny) and pythonnet’s current release only goes up to 3.8. I was able to get around this by adding the --pre flag to our pip install to make prerelease builds available and now we are able to successfully build pythonnet. Just wanted to post here in case anyone else runs into this issue.


I’ve been waiting for the 3.0 release of Pythonnet more generally (unrelated to the version compatibility). How have you found it, has the usage changed much?

So far it adds the references, error emails are still working and the perforce calls are going through. So far so good! I want to get 2023 up and running solid for our artists but right now I have a key bake bug that was introduced in 2022.3 and I need to squash it before we can leave the safety of .2 land.