Maya 2019 with python 3.0

Hi heard maya 2019 is updating python

I doubt that is the case, for two reasons: 3ds Max 2019 did not make the jump to Python 3.x and Autodesk adheres to the VFX Reference Platform standards ( which don’t stipulate an upgrade to Python 3.x until calendar year 2019. Given Autodesk’s release schedule that would mean that Maya 2020 would be the absolute earliest a possible Python 3.x upgrade would occur.


Also, probably much more likely that we’ll see python 3.5 or higher, as previous versions will be in a similar support situation to 2.7. (no longer supported by python-dev)

Personally hoping for at least 3.6, as I want a version that gets me f-strings.

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Unfortunately – it looks like we will have to wait another year before a python 3 update –

Taken from the link that Jeff posted above:

The move to Python 3 has been pushed to CY2020

Well that is frustrating.
What are the odds that vendors actually comply with the request for a python3 preview version?

Reviving this discussion. The latest FBX Python Bindings from the official Autodesk site now includes source to compile a different version of the fbx.pyd file.

(it actually links to a 2020.0.1 version if you decide to download the file.)

I installed Python 3.7 and used their recommended SIP 4.19.3 version and was able to successfully generate a valid fbx.pyd. Unfortunately, my tests do fail in some cases that do not using the 2.7/3.3 premade versions. Specifically, the search for binding tables (matching objects to shaders) appears to work, but I’m unable to pull entries successfully to introspect the shader attributes anymore. The GetEntry() func just fails.

Was wondering if there was anyone else looking into updating this autodesk module or is even interested ?

I’ll need to remember to poke around with this on Tuesday.
Currently we’ve got our own homegrown bindings to the C++ SDK.
Its probably not worth us upgrading (to much code churn) but still worth seeing if its somehow better.

I doubt it will be ‘better’ :slight_smile: – but it does allow a code path in Python outside of 2.7/3.3 outside of the Autodesk App Ecosystem.

If you do decide to look into it:

I was using SIP source from here:

I used VS 2015
Python 3.7.3 x64

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