Math & Physics for Technicl guys



I believe 3D Buzz are also releasing a Math dvd sometime soon.


The Autodesk® Maya® Techniques | Bi-Directional Constraining Part I and II has some nice matrix and vector explanation.


I would also give a huge thumbs up for the Khan Academy. Sal is a GREAT teacher. Over the past months I’ve learned linear algebra and calculus. Hey, I was an animator - I didn’t need to take math in college. If I could, I would make every TD in my dept. watch these videos.

Next step - geometric algebra. Never heard of it? Me neither until recently. If you ever wanted to tie vectors, quaternions, imaginary numbers together without having to convert everything to coordinates - this is the ticket.


I want to go through some of the Khan curriculums soon. Glad to read about the positive experience!

There is also iTunes U, where you can download a huge variety of free courses. (I can’t recommend any specific ones yet.)


This thread has been a great resource. Thanks for initiating and all for contributing.
In the spirit of keeping this alive and updated;
I found Ryan Trowbridge’s recent GDC Master Class,3D Math for Artists, to be a great resource. Its often rare to find this info demonstrated with artists in mind. We already know how / why it’s applicable and relevant to us, so it’s helpful and refreshing to see it delivered in the medium and realm we’re accustomed to.


Some of these have been posted but I just wanted to pass on our math for artists link collection


3d Buzz have released their Math for 3d DVD and they also have these videos available.


sounds good to me :slight_smile:


hi frnd
i liked your idea of learning maths & physics because technical knowledge is incomplete without it.i like trigonometry geometry and probability and i think they are very important.even in communication from internet and satellites also physics is used.its going on getting important & important…


Wow, so many great resources on here. Adding to bookmarks!


Best one is yet to come …



I like this one (Math Wiki)


I like to collect expressions for different kinds of interpolations.


This will gonna be great help for me because i am really very poor in math n i need some help too. and i think it’s a good idea…


I’ve been watching the “Math for Game Developers” by Jorge Rodriguez on youtube. Subscribe to that as he is always adding new videos.


I would love to help you as it seems very interesting. I’m a maths tutor teaching college students and I will tell you one thing, there’s no fun in life without numbers.


The problem with a lot of mathematical texts is that they’re not accessible to most people working in the animation industry, however I’ve found that John Vince’s “… for Computer Graphics” series published by Springer is very easy to get in to. What’s more is that if you are student, like I was, you can access and download the series free of charge from Springer’s website. Here’s a link to all the book published by Vince on Springer, you can see the relevant books there:“Book”



I was trying to get some new kinda of constraints happening and needed some vector math to make it happen, but the explanations from mathematicians all like to explode the matrices into their components and mash them together. That didn’t sit well in my head but this link I was pointed to, is all maxscripts to do the operations of intersecting vectors etc, using functions found in most 3D software. So I found this easier to read than the Oficial expansions. I use houdini but still this is the best set of explanations I have found.