Maleficent fairy rig setup name



Hi, I have seen most of the people use Osipa setup and controls on face set up facial rig. I was wondering if rig setup shown in the image have a particular name? I saw this in Maleficent behind the scene.


Im pretty sure the DD rig was broken down into FACS Units (Facial Action Coding System by Dr Paul Ekman).


Thanks. Yes, I know about FACS system :). But I was interested in structure of the curves. They are almost setup like facial muscles.


Looks a bit like the rig here at 40min.

Maybe its part of the medusa rig?


So advance for my skill level XD. Thanks for the vedio.


More info on the Medusa capture.


Thanks. Their research looks really advance for facial expressions. I also got more stuff which i didn’t thought i will find. :slight_smile:


I understand it now. If I am guessing it right, this type of ui helps to trigger blendshapes directly from view port instead switching back to channel box back and forth. This is really nice setup


Based on the UI design, it appears to mimic FACS action units (as Charles suggested). The Disney research pointed out is for face shape acquisition, which can be made into blendshapes that are most likely isolated into FACS shapes. There is also probably an underlying layer of condition logic between the UI and the blendshape channels so that combination shapes are handled for a visually pleasing result to appear.