Local rig blendshape response problem


Hi everyone, I am trying to implement global and local rig concept for the face. I have created 2 local rig blendshape where mesh is skinned to the joints. One is for face parts and other one is with lip ribbon. Face part is responding well but lips are not working properly. I have joints bind to ribbon and joints have (group->locater->joint) hierarchy.
I have connected the locator to a lip control of global rig and able to move it. When I key the global lip control, blendshape connection does not respond and there is no deformation on the lip in global rig. Any idea what I might be doing wrong? Please help!!


Is your blendshape.origin attribute set to “global”? If you have 2 blendshapes and one or both are global, instead of local, then that blendshape will overwrite any previous deformations.

(And just to be clear, I’m talking about the origin attribute on a blendshape, not your local/global rigging method.)


Thanks for the reply. I found node on main mesh but when I switch it to local, mesh moves itself to blendshape position.
I just checked it again, it was working properly but there is a lag and it is not updating it in the viewport immediately. Sorry.


Could it be the input order on the mesh? If you know what this is, then disregard, but here is a video of someone fixing the input order on a rigged mesh: