Leaves and branches growing on a rigged character

Hi there

It’s quite likley that soon i have to rig a character which has some foilage (leaves, flowers, tree branches etc) growing out of its head and body.
So, i’m thinking, what kind of methods have people used in such cases, since i tend to think there’s more
than one way to skin this cat :slight_smile:
This caracter is for short advertisment clip, not for a feature film, so it does not have to be anything super complex, just visually good looking and it should behave in physically accurate manner. Collide and react with forces (gravity, wind snd so on)
I have to do it in Maya, but i might consider other software as well, if it saves time and gets better results.

Unfortunatley i can not share the concept images due to the confideciality, but i tried to find similar images, to get a better picture what’s the task’s going to be.

Off the top of my head, I would look into paintFx. You can have things growing along curves. So you rig the curves, they can be made to follow dynamics and then the pFx will down the length of them.

I know paintFX get a bad wrap, but they always worked for me and were consistent.

good luck!