Leap Motion development


I’ve been following the development of Leap since they announced it. My development proposal was accepted and my kit is on its way. Just curious if there’s anyone that has one already?


I’m still waiting on word about my own proposal of doing a theremin on steroids, but I’m not overly hopeful, given I stated that I don’t have any motion/vision-related experience prior. :stuck_out_tongue: In the meantime, I pre-ordered a kit as well, so either way I’m waiting quite keenly on a unit.

What are you gonna be up to when you get your kit, if you don’t mind sharing?


There are a few discussions in the forum at Leap Motion talking about 3d app integration. The obvious one is trying to do digital sculpting within ZBrush. A lot of the proposals are based on replicating mouse type movement which is moving a pointer within a 2 dimensional plane. Cool, but not thinking outside the box enough for my tastes. Ever since I came up with the first image-based character selection tool back in 2000 (CharPik) I’ve been looking for the next interface evolution. I want to develop an animation gestural language. So it’s not just manipulating a rig within 3d space but also manipulating time within 3d space. It’s also looking at traditional animation methods that haven’t yet been fully integrated within the digital workflow and adapting them.


I dont have my own one but I had chance to play with Leap motion a bit. It is really great device but need patience because sometimes don’t read moves precisely.
Nice idea to do sculpting with Leap motion!


I own one, got one from an instructor 2 years ago. It did not work well and I had to drop it from the final project that was going to include a leap and rift. Just stuck with regular controllers with the Rift, I would imagine the drivers and plug and play elements have been improved since then, It was quite buggy and it was hard to get a good hand coordination going. The problem with the two static cameras became really apparent when you would have one hand over another, or any kind of bright lights would mess it up.