Jam City SF Looking for Rigging TA


We are looking for a Senior Rigging Technical Artist on our existing and new mobile game development projects! Your role is to create rigs across a variety of assets, use various tools & protocols to enhance with existing pipelines, and work closely with fellow artists & engineers on art implementation to the game.

**In order to be considered you MUST provide us with either a link to an online portfolio, website or a demo reel showcasing recent work upon application submittal.


  • Create rigs for characters, props and buildings.
  • Build, maintain and troubleshoot pipeline for toon and 3D visual effects.
  • Identify redundancies in our workflow and provide solutions for automation.
  • Provide feedback to modelers to enhance the quality of the rigs.
  • Provide rigging and skinning feedback to outsource studios.
  • Create auto-rigs for existing and new games.
  • Help to drive and direct overall character and asset pipeline for future project needs, with tool/workflow development geared towards extensibility and flexibility for upcoming needs.
  • Develop and maintain tools for the production pipeline, particularly for modeling, animation, and rigging.
  • Secondary responsibilities include:
    • Write exporting tools for art assets and animations.
    • Build upon existing tools and scripts.
    • Build complex shaders in Maya’s ShaderFX.


  • Must have worked on at least two 3D games from conception to completion.
  • Extended rigging knowledge in Maya.
  • Experience working with game engineers.
  • Must be well-rounded at the whole 3D pipeline, especially modeling and animation.
  • Understanding of the technical limitations of mobile gaming production.
  • Understanding of character design and animation, as it relates to rig development.
  • Experienced in PyMel and Python.
  • Degree in Art or related field.


  • Shader creation / coding experience.
  • Familiarity with Maya Python API.
  • Experience leading a design and/or art team for either iPhone or Android applications.


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