Iterate values without playing back timeline

I am trying to derive an animation curve values within a time frame and I am using OpenMaya.
In my code, I am using om.MTime(frame) in which this will iterates the timeline and giving me the correct values eg. from Frame 1 to 10. However, this means there is a playback going on in the background.

But if I do not use that, the values iterated in that 10 frames, will all be the same.

As such, wondering if there is a way, in which I can iterate and obtain the values properly without having my maya session to have this playback going in the background? I asked this because in the instance if I had a heavy scene, this will ultimately slows things down and also, it is slightly misleading as I thought that I was doing a playblast.

keyframes are maya objects (AnimCurveTL for exemple), so you can query their values from any point in the timeline with cmds.keyframe(q=1)

# pymel
import pymel.core as pm
pm.keyframe('polyCube.translate', query=True, time=1001, eval=True)

# cmds
from maya import cmds
cmds.keyframe('polyCube.translate', query=True, time=1001, eval=True)