Is discourse working correctly - image attachments/links broken?

Hey all,

I just posted a reply with a link to website - it created a stub with images, but now the links to them appear broken. Its also happening with emoji’s - the popup works, but in the actual post the image links appear broken. Anyone else seeing this?

Additionally - is discourse functioning correctly? Going here shows the host isn’t functioning correctly.

If you’re talking about: Using polys instead of curves for controls

I’m seeing the links properly, might have just been a blip in the matrix.

Somethings definitely wonky - i’ve cleared out my website data (both desktop and mobile), and that link to my post is sending me to a cloudflare 521 error page. If i go to it directly on discourse the post looks like this:

Edit: Trapped in a puzzle, baked in an enigma and deep-fat-fried in a mystery! - this very image link i sent is now itself not loading… I’ll sleep off this meta-breaking site whoogimaflip!

So this is what I see when I hit that post from you. (hopefully you can still see images?)

Thats a dead image link for me. I’ll keep clearing caches on my end, hopefully it fixes whats going on.

Did you connect via http or https? And via or

I’m going here - and if i click on the ping-back link Bob put up it takes me here:

This throws the the 521 error.

Also looks like i need a firmware update on my router here – so maybe that’s doing something odd - a weekend project I think. I fiddled with my DNS on mobile for Cloudflare ~, and - no change - even blew away all my cache.

Just tested purely data on mobile, no wifi connection, only cellular, cleared cache, no change - image links still borked.

Edit: Paused my adblocker - no change. Btw its the image link itself that seems to trigger the 521 error.

Ah, this looks like a cloudflare config issue: the broken link works if you change it from https: to http:

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Success! Wonder why https is breaking this. Thanks for finding out @Theodox

Woot! Glad you got it sorted.