Interview Advice


Hey guys,

I’ve got a skype interview for a Rigging position next week. This will be my first interview for an industry job.

My friends and teachers have been giving me advice like “When they say ‘tell me about yourself.’ talk about your journey and how you became passionate about being a rigger. Don’t go off topic, stay relevant to the position.” and “use the S.O.A.R. model of answering interview questions. Situation, Obstacles, Actions, and Results”. I feel that I’m pretty prepared, but I want to absolutely CRUSH this interview.

What are some questions you recommend preparing to answer during the interview? I’ve also been told that something that makes or breaks and interview is the questions you ask the interviewer after the interview. What are some questions you recommend asking at the end of the interview?



Usually when you to the interview they have a good idea of your skill level based on your demo or resume.

they will most likely be looking for is if you’re a good fit for the team. As in what type of person are you. Will you suck the energy out of everyone or will fit into the mole( be part of the solution while being nice and fun to work with)

Ie: at the last interview I attended ( in a AAA studio) I ended talkings about kids development with the tech art director and giggling about it. They called me for a second interview with people higher in the chain but I declined it and decided to stay where I am for other reasons.

In any case dont stress, be nice and best of all good luck. That first interview is a big milestone for you ;).

Also: dont be afraid to say that you don’t know something (its totally fine). What is important in this case is how would you manage to find the required information.


Learn about their recent projects and ask what they learned from it and how they plan to address it in upcoming projects.

Then ask them “Okay, say everything goes well and we are a good fit for each other. What does an average day look like for me, from your perspective? What responsibilities do you envision me starting with vs 6mo from now?”

Show them you are thinking short term vs long term.