Info on good rigging courses / Schools online

Hi Everyone,

I am Mitesh animator working in gaming studio. I am looking to learn rigging online and build my own rigs. Can someone suggest some good online courses or Good Schools which teach rigging online.

I got to know about Rigging dojo searching online. Anyone has idea about it?

Also share any other options you know.

Thanks in Advance, Cheers!

Rigging Dojo is really good. And on top they are nice people!

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Hi @mudoglu Thanks for your reply, It will help me make my decision, Cheers!

I think Cult of Rig is good, it´s a longer and slower form compared to other tutorials on Youtube but he explains rigging concepts and the math behind it quite thoroughly.

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Hi @Jonathan, Thanks for the suggestion, I will have look. Cheers!

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