Info on good rigging courses / Schools online

Hi Everyone,

I am Mitesh animator working in gaming studio. I am looking to learn rigging online and build my own rigs. Can someone suggest some good online courses or Good Schools which teach rigging online.

I got to know about Rigging dojo searching online. Anyone has idea about it?

Also share any other options you know.

Thanks in Advance, Cheers!

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Rigging Dojo is really good. And on top they are nice people!


Hi @mudoglu Thanks for your reply, It will help me make my decision, Cheers!

I think Cult of Rig is good, it´s a longer and slower form compared to other tutorials on Youtube but he explains rigging concepts and the math behind it quite thoroughly.

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Hi @Jonathan, Thanks for the suggestion, I will have look. Cheers!

The antCGi channel on YouTube is great too, if you go to the playlist section you’ll find many rigging video series by levels/topics.

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Yes Thanks for the suggestion. They are good resource.