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Hi all,

I’ve been making some PNG icons for a toolset, and have had a couple of cases where hovering over the icon in Maya’s shelf doesn’t result in the icon being highlighted.

Has anyone discovered any rules to make sure icons have a hover highlight? Like do I need a certain amount of transparency, opacity, maybe a certain key pixel needs to be opaque… I’m stumped.

Anyone been through this before?



Admittedly its been a long time since I’ve worked on my shelf tools.
But it looks like in the shelf’s .mel file it keeps a highlightColor parameter.
Not sure if it needs anything besides that (though I wouldn’t be surprised).


Bob, that key is set to the default value already. I can actually right click the icon, switch the image to some other image that I know works, and hover highlights will appear. Then switch the image back to the 2 I know don’t work and it breaks. The images are made and saved from the same PSD so I’m pretty sure my file settings and process are consistent between broken images and non broken images.

There are a couple PNGs I have that simply don’t trigger the hover highlight and so far I’ve been able to find nothing really very suspicious or unique about them.


Got it! You guys will not believe how simple this was, and how unintuitive imo. I had the highlightColor set to the whitest possible color and was getting no results. The common factor among the icons that didn’t highlight was that at least one of the RGB values were already the highest they could go (255/1.0), somehow preventing the other 2 channels from increasing closer to white.


Instead of a totally bright blue or orange I now use a slightly darker color and highlight is back to working!

I could be misinterpreting this but there you go.


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Oh that is awesomely silly. So the highlight was just an additive.