Human IK Python/Mel


I’m working on “tool” to help characterizing and retarget mocap faster on custom rig.

So far it work well. Due to the small amount on ressources on internet and after reading all the mel script on maya about it. I have still few issueds.
First when i characterize it often create “character1” even if i specified a name : mel.eval(‘hikCreateCharacter(“Dummy”)’)

Second , i would like to load my custom rig mapping automatically, without the window promp asking me to select the file
## load custom rig

Third: Because of all probleme about rig characterization, i’m not able to select proper HIKProperties and set default value for all rigs.

IF anyone have any idea about these interrogations. And i hope i was clear enough ^^"

Best regards.

Hey Wolfyrig,

I copied mel.eval(‘hikCreateCharacter(“Dummy”)’) into the script editor, and noticed your outside quotes are the ` character instead of '. Try mel.eval( ‘hikCreateCharacter( “Dummy” )’ ) instead. The latter worked for me in 2018.5

As for the custom rig mapping, you will probably have to write your own function to open the .xml file, get the key and value items and map them with maya.mel.eval( ‘setCharacterObject()’. Hope that helps!

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