Hristo Velev LIVE Recorded VFX Webinar - Destruction Sequence Setup How-To



Hristo Velev (BottleshipVFX) LIVE Recorded VFX Webinar - Destruction Sequence Planning

Hristo Velev (BottleshipVFX) LIVE Recorded thinkingParticles VFX Webinar -
Destruction Setup Sequence and Organization

Please also download the VFX sequence file from :

This is the recording you have been waiting for - Hristo Velev, Co-founder and Tech Lead @ BottleshipVFX - gave an in-depth webinar about what you will need to know when setting up a complex destruction visual effects with thinkingParticles (3dsMax / Maya with Alembic) covering:

• Distinguishing between the cliches and the typical setup,

• Planning,

• Base simulation,

• Secondaries, (Very Important *) 
    ◦ (for example) Volumetrics, and
        ▪ Caching emitters for artists who work in parallel. 

• Lighting,
    ◦ Base sim is sent as either TP cache or geo cache(XMesh/Alembic) to lighting
        ▪ TP cache has more control
        ▪ Geo cache is simpler to deal with for the lighting artist


Questions & Answers at the end.

Serious learners only:

cebas interviewed Hristo recently so follow our Vimeo or @ and do not miss the release. This is cebas 2nd interview with Hristo. You can see his feature story for 2015 (when he won the Golden Horse Award) and prior @

For more information on the VFX software visit You can also write in to inquire about the educational license. TP latest update Drop 7 features video:

And tutorial by Edwin Braun on SurfaceForce Operator

You can find more thinkingParticles VFX tutorials @

Hristo Velev - Filmography VFX (IMDB) :
Visual effects (18 credits)
-2018 The Three-Body Problem: I (VFX Supervisor) (post-production)

  • 2018 2.0 (VFX Supervisor) (completed)
  • 2018 Hunter Killer (VFX Supervisor: Bottleship VFX)
  • 2018 Air Strike (FX supervisor: Bottleship VFX)
  • 2018 The Hurricane Heist (VFX Supervisor)
  • 2017 Scales: Mermaids Are Real (lead effects artist)
  • 2017 Vragove (visual effects supervisor: Bottleship VFX)
  • 2015 Mojin - The Lost Legend (effects artists lead: Bottleship VFX)
  • 2015 Impossible (division lead efffects artist: Pixomondo)
  • 2014 The Salvation (fx artist)
  • 2014 300: Rise of an Empire (vfx crew: Scanline VFX)
  • 2014 Forbidden Kingdom (visual effects artist: Bottleship VFX)
  • 2013 Man of Steel (digital artist: Scanline VFX)
  • 2013 Iron Man 3 (visual effects crew: Scanline VFX)
  • 2012 Red Tails (digital effects artist: Pixomondo)
  • 2011 Sucker Punch (digital effects artist)
  • 2011 Hindenburg: The Last Flight (TV Mini-Series) (cg fx artist: Pixomondo)
  • 2009/I 2012 (visual effects artist)