How to simulate a chain with a heavy thing at the end in maya for game?

Hello, everyone.
Recently, I’m working on a project that a character is working with a chain with a heavy thing in the other end.
The purpose is to make the heavy thing mainly moving on the ground, because the character’s moving range is not very large.
I use nHair system in Maya and building a dynamic joints chain.
But for my poor turning skill, the final result is not good. The heavy thing just moving in the air.
Could any give me some basic parameters for setting up the nHair system?
Or is there any suggestion for this rigging/animation purpose?
Thank you very much.
Yixiong Xu

I have that same problem few month ago, my suggestion is rig with IK spine and let animation team work on that, i try nHair but i never achieve the animation I want. That is my case. Hope it help you a litter bit :smiley:

Well, thank you very much.
IK Spine is a better solution.
Yixiong Xu