How to read a path which has ":" and spaces in it - Maya/Google Drive


I have a question regarding how Maya reads a path. We - unfortunately - use Google Drive to host a project - which can’t be fixed/changed. But was wondering if anyone has suggestions in how to deal with the following issue where I have a scene located at:

/Volumes/GoogleDrive/Shared drives/Proj Art: Working/character/human/

Python sees the file but Maya doesn’t and says that the following file doesn’t exist:

/Volumes/GoogleDrive/Shared\ drives/Proj\

I am on a macOS.

Any help is highly appreciated. Thanks.

I do not have a mac to which I can help with the real issue. But you might be able to use a symbolic link so that maya/python etc have an easier time reading the path.

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Are you trying to have Maya open the .ma directly from google drive? That sounds as worse than opening Maya files over a network.

Since python sees the file, I’d write a function to make a local copy from the url, renaming if needed, and open the local copy in Maya.
(also a function to ‘publish’ back to google drive when work is done.)