How to check for animation curves that requires Euler Filter

I am trying to write a code that checks for ‘demangled’/ weird curve? (not sure if there is a better term for this), before I use ‘Euler Filter’ or cmds.filterCurve.

For example, if I am planning to run this code of mine unto hundreds of controllers, rather than selecting all the controllers > Graph Editor > Euler Filter, I would like to know which curve are the ‘problematic’ ones.

I have almost no knowledge of the calculation, could someone kindly point to me in the right place?

Attached a screenshot - I am trying to derive those ‘plateau-alike’ curve as you can see…

You can measure the value delta between keyframes with the valueChange flag in keyframe().

cmds.keyframe(‘your_fancy_node’, valueChange=True, q=True)

It returns a list of values of change. You could search for a threshold.