How does your team deliver editor updates

How does your pipeline setup accommodate distribution of new version of editors? is it through SC distribution of source code? or compiled binaries? UGS for unreal? other? I would love to know how different teams handle this important process. Thanks

I’m not sure what you mean by “editors”. Could you give some examples?


Ok then. Looks like you’re more specifically asking about updates to game engine editors. Which I think will have different considerations from the general DCC (Maya/Max/Houdini) updates that I know about.

And just FYI for our DCC updates, we use our render farm to kick off a Salt script to do the install. That script also registers the update to the farm database so jobs that require that new version can be assigned to the updated machines.
Unfortunately I don’t know much about Salt, but I know our systems guys like it a lot.

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Great info. I will look into salt. :slight_smile:

UGS for unreal +1 here.

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