How do you call custom classes and methods anywhere in the MotionBuilder

Here are two files:one is my custom class file ,and the other is call it.
class Fun:

def __init__(self, **kwargs   , topModel=None, caption='Save Path...', prevdir='', fileName=None, charNList=[], currentFilePath=None,

             FileNames=None, ComponentList=None, CharList=None, Model=None, OpenAnimFilePath=''):  

    super(Fun, self).__init__()

    self.topModel = topModel

    self.caption = caption

    self.prevdir = prevdir

    self.fileName = fileName

    self.charNList = charNList

    self.currentFilePath = currentFilePath

    self.FileNames = FileNames

    self.ComponentList = FBComponentList()

    self.CharList = FBSystem().Scene.Characters

    self.Model = Model

    self.OpenAnimFilePath = OpenAnimFilePath

# 打开文件

def FileOpens(self):

    AnimPath= self.OpenAnimFilePath + '\\' + self.fileName

    # print 'AnimPath'

    # 禁止加载场景

    FileOpenOptions = FBFbxOptions(False)

    FileOpenOptions.FileReferences = FBElementAction.kFBElementActionDiscard

    FBApplication().FileOpen(AnimPath,False)    # , FileOpenOptions

    # 删除多余take

    takeToSave = FBSystem().CurrentTake.Name

    for take in FBSystem().Scene.Takes:

        if take.Name != takeToSave:

# coding=utf-8

from pyfbsdk import *


import es

t = es.Fun(OpenAnimFilePath=‘C:\WildDogFile’)


But this error occurred when I called my custom class :

Traceback (most recent call last):

File “”, line 9, in
File “”, line 3, in ExecuteCode
ImportError: No module named es

I am now very helpless, dont know its how, hope someone can help me,thank you very much~~

I am now very helpless, do not know it is how, hope someone can help me, thank you very much

I found the problem where, file has **kwargs,delete it.

def init(self, **kwargs , topModel=None, caption=‘Save Path…’, prevdir=’’, fileName=None, charNList=[], currentFilePath=None,FileNames=None, ComponentList=None, CharList=None, Model=None, OpenAnimFilePath=’’):

The modified:

def __init__(self, topModel=None, caption='Save Path...', prevdir='', fileName=None, charNList=[], `currentFilePath=None,
             FileNames=None, ComponentList=None, CharList=None, Model=None, OpenAnimFilePath=None): ...