How do i get categorized as a Technical Artist instead of Uncategorized?


Here on your site I am categorized as Uncategorized. I would like to be categorized as a Technical Artist as I am one and have been in the industry as a TA for 16+ years. I have not been able to figure out how to change this. Could someone let me know how this is done or what I need to do to affect this change?
Morris Olmsted


Those categories go back to the old site, and if you look at other user’s you’ll see they are pretty random.



Got it, thanks.



Looks like you changed it. Or did someone change it for you?


I did it – but we haven’t gotten around to automating it . The old site randomly assigned them in any case


It looks like the only way you can change your own title right now is if you’ve got a badge that can act as one.


User -> preferences-> title?


Not sure if that’s available to others who are not admins


Yeah, my title in prefs just lets me select from my badges. which in my case is my Maya badge, as the others aren’t flagged to be used as a title.


Is anything being done about this?
I can’t change my title and I still have my old one “Jr. Technical Artist” and would like to change that. No sensible option seems to be listed under that badge -page.


The title is just selected from Badges. Anything that’s not on the badge list is a holdover from the old site. If people want to propose new badge names I think we can add them, but most of them are auto-generated by the forum software. It’s not like ‘job title’ – it’s not a user settable field


Then I would like to propose an empty string as a badge name so we at least can get rid of it :smiley:


Do you not get the option to chose <none>? It looks like it’s not all the badges, only the privilege level related ones, that show up there…


I can select None, but I also have a badge with a title. Not sure how it works for folks without a usable badge.


I added a few generic ones to the badge page – i finally figured out how. I’ll see if people have opinions about which ones to do. I’ll add a post asking for suggestions