How can I fake elevation on an effect like this?

I’ve got this procedural intersection mask shader that I use on spheres to project patterns on the environment. What can I do to fake a bit of surface elevation for the white parts? Unreal doesn’t seem to allow me to convert procedurally generated masks to Normal maps, as the NormalFromHeight only accepts texture objects. Is there any math trick or something I can do to make it seem like they are “extruded” upwards?

Easiest way, using built in nodes

Can also do it this way, but not 100% sure this is accurate.

I see what you’re doing, but my effect is Emissive only. It doesn’t have any shadow or lighting it can use to fake its depth. Is there any way to do it without faking a Normal map?

depends on how cheap you want it to be, but you could simply just offset a copy of that ring, do a max (ring1*0.5, ring2)

Or you could look into some convolution and do an emboss with the custom node with for loop.