Houdini Hardware Question

Hi Folks!
I’d like to acquire new hardware cause my 10-years laptop doesn’t run Houdini anymore.
As far as I could see infinitely reinstalling gpu-drivers and reading trouble-issue posts Houdini is quite sensitive to hardware setup, especially to GPU.

So the question is does this laptop configuration suited to the minimal requirements?
Intel Core i5 9300H, 4 х 2.4,
RAM 16 Gb,
SSD 1024 Gb,
GeForce RTX 2060 6 Gb

I’m confused a bit. I didn’t found any matches between laptop specs and Houdini specs:

Realy need your help, I’m afraid to buy expensive enough devices just to realize it can’t run Houdini.


That should easily be able to run Houdini.
No promises on how well it will perform any kind of complex simulation, that is just to damn tricky to predict. But I’m using a RTX 2060 in my work desktop, and while the speed might be different the silicone and drivers are the same between desktop and mobile versions.