Guideline for automated tests in VFX


My name is Jan Honsbrok and I study Media and Computer Science at the University of Applied Science in Düsseldorf, Germany.
Currently I am writing my Bachelor’s Thesis about automated tests for VFX Pipelines.

In my Bachelor’s Thesis I am developing a guideline on how automated tests can be implemented for the development of VFX Pipelines.
There are a lot of resources online on how to write unit tests for every kind of software, but there is not much about VFX Pipelines.
I want to do something for the VFX community and change that.

The guideline I develop will be a website, where TDs and Pipeline Developers can go if they want to implement unit tests, but don’t know how to. The website will be released online, so everyone will be able to access it.

For developing this testing guideline I am doing an online survey. I want to know what TDs know about automated tests, so I can fit my guideline better to my audience.
The survey takes 5-10 minutes and you can find it here:

I would be really happy if you could answer the survey.
If you got any questions about the guideline, feel free to ask me!


You can find me on Github at

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