GitHub Desktop and PyCharm


Anybody using those tools together?
The issue is that Desktop rises in front all the time you start typing in PyCharm so you have to switch to PyCharm with Alt + Tab or mouse but since you enter the next character Desktop rise again…

I guess this is the same:


While this won’t solve your problem directly, I would recommend Git Kraken as a waaaaay better desktop Git client than the GitHub one.


That sounds really odd. I quite often have Github Desktop running in the background whilst working away in Pycharm and it never takes focus at al.

That does not really help much, but my setup is… I typically use Github Desktop to clone a project, I then open it in pycharm and set the VCS to git. As i make changes my file state changes but Github Desktop never takes focus. I do tend to alt-tab to Github Desktop at the point of wanting to do a local commit or push (which is odd because when working in Perforce I do all the operations from within PyCharm!).

Apologies if that does not help, but it may show some workflow differences which might help you nail down the issue.


Hi, Mike, what is VCS and how to set it in PyCharm?


VCS is short for ‘version control system’

Git support is built into pycharm: