GDC 2019 Tech Art Bootcamp Presentations!


It’s that most wonderful time of the year, everyone! The slides for the 2019 Technical Artist Bootcamp are here for your review and reference! I’m so proud of the incredible talks our speakers put together this year, and it makes me a little sad to be stepping down from organizing the bootcamps for a while. That said, if you’re interested in speaking, or even organizing next year’s bootcamp get @ me on Twitter or Slack. My DMs are open!

Distance Fields and Shader Simulation Tricks - PDF - Ryan Brucks

Real-Time Cloth Solutions on Marvel’s Spider-Man - PDF - Sophie Brennan
[ed. Sadly we won’t be able to make Sophie’s slides available at this time. Keep an eye out for her talk on the Vault, though!]

Gotta Go Fast - Shader Optimization for Tech Artists - PDF - Garrett Stevens
Cementing Your Duct Tape: Turning Hacks into Tools - PDF - Mattias Van Camp
Understanding Constraints: A Framework for Tech Art Decision Making - PDF - Alexander Zotikov
Tech Art at Scale: Supporting 3,500 Users - PDF - Luiz Kruel
The Dual Power of Metanodes in Maya - PDF - Andrew Christophersen

And of course don’t forget that Andrew and ArenaNet have kindly created an open-source template for you to fork and build your own exciting Metanode system for yourself. Check out the repo over on GitHub.

Thanks to all of the speakers this year. They did an amazing job putting together the very best content for all y’all. Thanks to you, those who attended and even those who couldn’t, for your valuable feedback throughout the years.

And with that, my watch is ended! See you on Slack!

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