FX tutorial: "Devman kick ass" Max-thinkingParticles



Another of our VFX community’s best buddy, Will Wallace, amazing thinkingParticles tutorial - not to be missed - this one is really fun to do.

Follow as well Will Wallace on Vimeo: "Learn how to destroy objects in slow motion using Thinking Particles inside 3ds Max. Use hi speed animation within a robust and strong FX build. I go in-depth on how to organize and manage a clean and organized destruction FX setup. Download the layout assets here:
dropbox.com/s/ux1msdmdwi0ofyz/wallace_devmankick_assets.zip… "

New Visitors : Please also know that you can download an unlimited free trial at http://www.cebas.com/thinkingParticles. You can also write to Cedar Tw @ [email protected] for the link to TP educational version (not watermarked, only for training purposes). The TP edu version includes all latest, powerful features.

While @ cebas.com, take some time and browse through the many information : the Insights Interviews by cebas carries a lot of depth (if you wish to endure in the VFX industry); you can create a free registration and avail to the Training Resource tab. Buyers not from N.America, browse thru the Buyers Resource. Quick visuals/videos in cebas Gallery of FX artist and Visual Artists’ works.

Don’t forget the FAQ and Forum.

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