FK / IK Skeleton

When creating the triple chain system for FK / IK, should the FK controllers be attached first, to the base skeleton, before connecting the the chains together ?

The blend chain is influenced by both the IK and FK chains. The FK chain is influenced by the FK controls. The order may be arbitrary or not depending on your rig and its creation process. For instance, if you plan on connecting weights of your blend nodes to a control attribute, the control should be made first.

One automated system I made that worked decently:
-Make the FK controls first so you can rotate and pose them how you like, then apply the transforms of that control to a parent group node so you can zero out the control while preserving the local rotation axis.
-Then make a joint chain matching those LRAs, duplicate it three times and then use color blend nodes to connect their rotations.
-Connect the blend/weight attribute to the custom control attribute.

I see, ok … interesting. Im having a little trouble getting my head around your response.
I;ll be in touch after I get more sleep.