First Annual meeting


Here’s a copy of the meeting notes from our first board meeting, held November 25 2018:

TAO Meeting notes / agenda


  • Matt Oztalay
  • Bob White
  • Steve Theodore
  • Adam Pletcher
  • Jeff Hanna (by proxy)


We chose our first years officers. Here are the titles, officers and rough areas of responsibility:


  • business & legal stuff
  • signing off on annual reports
  • First year officer: Steve Theodore @Theodox


  • Same responsibilities as president
  • Automatic replacement for president in emergencies
  • First year officer: Jeff Hanna @Jeff_Hanna


  • keeper of the bank account
  • run semi-annual fund drives
  • First year officer: Matt Oztalay @ozzmeister00


  • notes etc at meeting(s)
  • IT for things like passwords etc
  • First year officer: Bob White @R.White

Board members

Board members without individual jobs. All board members are admins on webaite and slack

We will ask everybody who was part of the incorporation channel on Slack to become board members if they wish to. We’ll also be grooming some potential new board members for next year’s round. The goal is to get a broad, diverse footprint so we can get a healthy roster of people and spread the burdens widely.


Here are the decisions we took at the meeting

Tax exempt status

  • We’re going to apply for 501©3 status. The intention is to make it easier to get support from corporate sponsors going forward
  • To help defray the cost, board members will pony up $50 each so we don’t blow this year’s hosting budget (if any board member who missed the meeting is unable to do this we can discuss alternatives).
  • @theodox and @R.White will take point on the paperwork. To be done before end of year!

Transfer of domain names to Technical Artists Forum

GDPR Compliance

  • @ozzmeister00 will see if there is a GDPR compliance pathway for us that does not involve any monetary outlay on this.
  • We’ll draft a GDPR-friendly version of the website landing page and potentially send out a ‘re-up’ email.

Future board members

We want to recruit a wider range of board members to ensure continuity moving forward. We’d like a diverse range of personal backgrounds and a better balance of games, films and vfx.

  • All members of the incorporation slack channel will be invited on a voluntary basis
  • Suggested names to follow up with:
    – Luiz Kruel
    – Tyler Jachetta
    – Dan Grover
    – Marcus Ottoso
    – Brad clark

Advertising the new structure

  • We’ll cook up a brief presentation for the bootcamp and roundtables to encourage people to participate
  • We’ll make some business cards with a QR code for the website URL to bring in new members

Suggestions / ideas for future?

Can we do official tutorials etc in conjunction with schools or IGDA chapters?

  • This probably depends on 501c3, but is worth invstigaging

Discord or other slack alternative

  • Maintaining archives is a potential GDPR rathole
  • For now, encourage slack crossposts

Action Items

  • Matt
    • GDPR Compliance steps for Discourse
    • Check with Drew Skillman about how realtime vfx does with sponsorships
  • Bob
    • Work with Steve and Butters to to transfer domains
    • Investigate some document storage options
  • Steve
    • Figure out how to get Matt credentials for website
    • Figure out how to share other creds
    • Document the board and officer elections on the website
  • Let’s add a thread to the website to explain how archiving works
  • Everybody encourage archiving
  • Find someone to help with Linking Website/Slack Accounts where possible
  • Reach out to potential corporate sponsors
    • SideFX
    • Allegorithmic
    • Unity
    • Epic
    • Certain Affinity
    • Autodesk