Feed back for my new rigging demo reel

I just finished my new rigging demo! https://vimeo.com/248243476
Please feel free to critique it and please let me know what can I do to improve it.
Also rigger available!

Hey buddy,

I saw your reel and there were a lot of things I did like in it.
Here are some initial notes:
Over all it is too long of a video. It seems you have a few disciplines under your belt, which is never a bad thing, but when you label a video rigging, modeling or anything. Be specific about what you show.

That reel could be split into 2-3 different reels easily.
Misc - technical badassery

IMO, you should cut it down to about 1:30(no longer) for rigging, and then just make the other footage readily available in small bites.

The music is rather repetitive, minor note.

I like the information you have on screen at all times, I never really felt lost at what i was looking at, until you went into houdini stuff.

Good stuff.

Thank you very much Rafael!!
yep. Its a bit long

I like the use of some animated, textured backgrounds! I assume you made some of that in Houdini?

My critique is about your face section. Your animation just quickly goes through a couple of non-poses, and then you wiggle controls like the chin and nose which doesn’t show us very much information.

I’d suggest having an appealing face animation, and if you want to wiggle some controls, show some of the controls that animators will care about. For example, do your blinks look nice? Is the mouth flexible enough to hit the poses they need?

I agree that the reel is quite long. I don’t mind longer reels (to a point). But it seems like you show that first muscle animation over and over and over again. The whole first 47 seconds could likely just be the quad view you show at 41 seconds, and a couple seconds of the rendered version.

As William Faulkner wrote, and Stephen King quoted about the editing process, “kill your darlings.”

The background its a bundle I got from rocketstock for previous gigs.
I working in a new Facial Rig more disney like.
Muchas gracias clesage!