Facial Rigging [Autopsy]


Hi everyone, I do not know if you are familiar with Brian Tindall’s book: Art Of Moving Points but this guy’s rigging technique looked almost the same as Brian’s to me.

I was wondering if you can enlighten me about how to do auto lash-collisions, slideable pivots and that smooth lip inroll. Also, I have tried Brian’s technique once by creating 4 live blendshape meshes for example for the brow movements (UD,LR,FB and TW) and bound them with the joints that I duplicated for all meshes. Is there a better way to apply his technique to Maya because he is using Modo in his book.

And same guy did that rig in C4D too but this time he made controllers slide on the mesh, I am not sure why he did that or is this just visual movement of the controls but not bones under controls?

Links to tutorials:

C4D : https://vimeo.com/274382062

Maya : https://vimeo.com/203857253 (till 1:40)

Hope I explained myself clearly,

Have a nice day everyone!


Hi Lethendris,

Can’t answer the question directly but for the C4D versions, the uploader frequents in C4DCafe.com. You can send him a PM there for his workflow.