E-mail at signup


just wanted to report that the signup seems a tad restrictive when inputting an e-mail. It refused to accept my .se adress but was happy when I input a .com one.
Not sure you were aware of the fact so I thought I should let you know.


What was the address it didn’t accept?


I tried my standard adress, mail AT mikaelpersson DOT se


I tried it and the error it gave was ‘email already taken’ – is it possible you have an orphaned account on the site already? There’s a user with that email called ‘MikaelP’


aha! I wasn’t able to log on using my old address so I assumed it had been deleted in the move. It didn’t warn me about it being in use either… But maybe it was just me? Thanks for checking it out!


I’ll send you a password reset on the old account.


Great! Thank you for the help!