Does PyCharm fully work with Houdini?


Does PyCharm integrate with Houdini well? (Auto-completion, external debugging, unit testing?) Just curious. I did find some blog posts on VS Code <-> Maya, but I was curious about Houdini.

I’ll ask on OD force as well.

There are plugins for Nuke and Maya hmm. Nothing for Houdini though.

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Our resident Houdini experts say no. They use Sublime for working with Vex as it supports the language. We haven’t got remote debugging to work on either. PyCharm works with Houdini’s Python, obviously.

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My mistake, I meant for Python in Houdini specifically.

Yeah debugging is a bit tricky, I’m quite new to coding in general. At some point I will get to know my IDE better and figure out linking between API and console output.

Didn’t even imagine Vex is supported somewhat in Sublime! Very cool.

Thanks for the replies guys! Paul’s tools seem very useful!

Paul has a VEX tool also.

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