Does nCloth Space Scale affects others other parameters?



Sorry for another nCloth question, but I can’t figure out this one.
So far, what I know about nCloth is set the Space Scale 0.01 (cm) and lower the Lift value (multiplied by 0.01).

My problem is: Will the settings be affected by changing the Space Scale? I thought so too. But the Cloth Presets seems to think otherwise.

For instance, if you have a Space Scale of 1 or 0.01 the TShirt Cloth Preset is always 35 on Stretch Resis and 10 on Compression Resis on both cases.

My question is, apart from the Lift value, are all other values normalized and already relative to the space scale set?

I’d like to say yes since the gravity value of 9.8 is not changed to 980. But I’m not sure since the gravity value is in the Nucleus node and the cloth parameters are in the Shape Node.

Can somebody confirm?

Thank you.